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Scientific library of ATU

The scientific library is one of the structural divisions of Almaty Technological University that provides information, educational-methodical, scientific and educational processes. SL ATU - centre for the extension of knowledge, spiritual and intellectual communication and culture.

Scientific library of the University started its history in 1957 with the founding of the institution. By the early 60-ies in the scientific library started functioning reference bibliographic system - alphabetical, systematic, general service catalogues. Department of acquisition and processing of literature, reference and bibliographic department and service department of readers were opened in 1980.

Scientific library of ATU is one of the leading University libraries of the Republic. The fund of scientific library is provided by the special literature on Food, Light Industry, Hospitality Industry, Information Technology, Chemistry and Biotechnology, Technical and Economic Sciences. In 1970 the Book Fund had 197103 copies and in 2015 there were more than 890000 copies about 230000 copies of them in the state language. The fund of scientific library is regularly updated with educational and scientific publications in electronic media on the profile of the University and contains more than 54000 units.

Since 2000 automation of library processes has been carried out by the program of Republican automated library information system "RABIS", since 2011 “Automated information library system MARC SQL” has been implemented. In the Scientific library all library processes are automated, the halls are equipped with the latest computer equipment. Electronic catalogues and Electronic library are available in Internet at:

The scientific library is a member of the Association of University libraries of Kazakhstan and cooperates with the largest libraries of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Currently in the scientific library there are 5 reading rooms, 2 subscriptions, 2 Centers for electronic resources. Also there are branches in the building 3 B and the University College.


Scientific library with geographically remote offices is located at the addresses:

  • Tole bi st. 100, main building of ATU, 3rd floor;
  • Furkat st. 348, building of ATU, building 3B, 2nd floor;
  • Bogenbai Batyr st. 176, building of Technology and Economic College (TEC) 3rd floor.