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Professor Medvedkov Evgeniy Borisovich

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The mission of the Faculty is to provide a high level of education and professional formation of civil and moral qualities of the person in terms of integration into the world educational, scientific and information community on the basis of efficient organization and high quality educational and research processes in the food and light industry, information technology, management, service and tourism.


The vision. Department is equipped with modern equipment, allowing to carry out the training of specialists using the latest information technology. The number of students of several thousand people enrolled in 21 specialty technology, engineering, and economics of food, light, and chemical processing industries. The basis of the teaching work put many years of experience in the university and its strong links with the leading academic institutions, not only our country but also in other countries, which guarantees students a high quality education services. Modern forms and methods of teaching students are applied.


Since the 2005-2006 academic year students are preparing on credit technology training. This system allows due to its flexibility to provide fast adaptation to changing socio-economic conditions, a paradigm shift in education towards the fundamental, integrity, and taking into account the interests of the individual.


It is now widely used reduced educational programs. Biennial reduced educational programs are trained to obtain a second specialty on the basis of higher education, and for a three-year - on the basis of secondary vocational education in a related specialty. This is a positive trend, because students are well trained and informed work on improving their skills, as well as great opportunities for integration with secondary vocational schools.


Distance learning uses modern information technology, hardware, methods and ways of learning, teacher interaction with student with the minimum regulatory set number of mandatory lessons. Thus, the technology of distance learning coincides with the technology of full-time training in saturation and intensity of the learning process. To carry out training activities uses network technology. Exchange rate cases are a set of training materials on CD-ROM, making it possible to carry out training of the student in the chosen specialty. Network technology allows you to get all the necessary materials through the Internet. The university uses automated learning management system, which includes all the necessary training materials, there is the possibility of using video lectures, virtual labs, and communication between the teacher and the student in on-line mode.


Distance education allows students to successfully combine work in their chosen specialty with study, earning their own funds for this purpose, provides faster career growth. Graduates of the faculty work at many enterprises of light and food industries of all forms of ownership in small and medium-sized businesses, as well as in the service sector.


The further development of distance learning will take place in the direction of improving the training and methodological support of the educational process, increasing the use of new information technologies, such as on-line lessons, video lectures, virtual laboratory works with remote access and others., Increase in training of teachers in the area. Planned expansion of integration with secondary vocational schools in the area of ​​curricula and training of college graduates to enroll in university.


The aim of the faculty is the formation, development and implementation of the principles of distance learning technologies, providing rational transfer of knowledge and skills, conducting educational, methodological and practical activities for the creation, development and implementation of effective professional education programs and technologies with the use of distance learning technologies, active the formation of technical base of educational process on the basis of computer, audio, video, Internet and other media and telecommunications, providing labor market competitive specialists.


Remote programs and courses Distance learning is performed on the reduced educational programs of a bachelor:

  • on the basis ofhigher educationwith a training periodof two years;
  • on the basis of technical and secondary vocational education with a training period of three years.


Educational programs are implemented in the following areas of training:


5V070100 - "Biotechnology" (Biology)
5V070200 - "Automation and Control" (Physics)
5V070300 - "Information Systems" (Physics)
5V070400 - "Computers and Software" (Physics)
5V072100 - "Chemical technology of organic substances" (Chemicals)
5V072400 - "Technological machinery and equipment" (Physics)
5V072600 - "Technology and designing products of light industry» (Physics)
• Technology and design of garments
• Technology and design of leather goods and fur
• Decoration and modeling of light industry products.
5V072700 - "Technology of food products» (Chemistry)
• Technology of meat and fish products
• Technology of milk and dairy products
• The technology of fats, canned food and food concentrates
• Food safety
• Technology products catering and special purpose
5V072800 - "Technology of processing industries" (Chemistry)
• Technology of processing, storage and processing of grain
• Technology of bread, macaroni and confectionery products
• Technology of storage and processing of sugar-containing raw materials
• Technology of Fermentation and Winemaking
5V073200 - "Standardization, Metrology and Certification" (Physics)
5V073300 - "Technology design of textile materials» (Physics)
5B050600 - "Economics" (Geography)
5V050700 - "Management" (Geography)
5B050800 - "Accounting and Auditing" (Geography)
5V050900 - "Finance" (Geography)
5V051000 - "State and local management» (Geography)
5V060800 - "Ecology" (Biology)
5V090200 - "Tourism" (Geography)
5V090400 - "Socio-cultural service" (Geography)
5V091200 - «Restaurant business and hotel business» (Geography)
5V012000 - "Vocational training" (Physics)


Legal documents:

  1. The Law of RK "On education» № 487-IV of October 24, 2011
  2. SMSE RK 5.03.004 - 2009 Organization of training on remote technology. The main provisions.
  3. Rules of the organization of educational process on remote educational technologies (Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan №137 dated March 20, 2015)
    4. Regulations on the organization of educational process on remote educational technologies. " ATU-PPD-4.2.3-2012-02
    5. The Strategic Plan of the Faculty of distance learning for 2011-2020. Approved by the Academic Council of ATU April 29, 2010, protocol number

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