Accreditation is recognition of the quality of programs that meet quality standards. Currently, the need for accreditation of educational programs and institutional accreditation in international agencies proved that Kazakhstani universities must meet the quality standards set by the international professional societies. This makes it possible to provide quality training in line with labor market requirements.


Currently, a separate article 9-1 in the Law on Education is devoted to accreditation as one of the most important tools to improve the quality of educational services. National and international accreditation bodies can conduct accreditation based on standards developed by them. MES forms registry of recognized accreditation agencies in Kazakhstan.


At this point 6 AGENCIES are included in this registry:

  • IAAR, Independent agency for accreditation and rating, the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • IQAA, Independent Kazakh agency for quality assurance in education, the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • ASIIN, Accreditation agency for degree programmes in engineering, informatics, the natural sciences and mathematics, Germany;
  • ACQUIN, Accreditation, certification and quality assurance institute, Germany;
  • The AQA, Austrian agency for quality assurance, Austria;
  • ABET, Accreditation board for engineering and technology, the United States.


The accreditation obtained from these agencies from the date of formation of the registry - May 31, 2012 is considered recognized in Kazakhstan.


Under the Law on Education, accreditation is carried out on a voluntary basis. An educational organization chooses the accreditation body, entered in the register, and pays the accreditation procedure at their own expense.


An educational organization, that has passed specialized accreditation, has the right to issue documents for citizens on the formation of their own sample for accredited programs.


Institutions that have passed institutional and specialized accreditation procedures are exempt from state certification by accredited programs for a period of accreditation.


Thus, an important strategic objective is the institutional and specialized accreditation agencies, listed in the register and approved for higher education. This objective is included in the State Program of Development of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011-2020.


Institutional accreditation of ATU


Almaty Technological University passed the institutional accreditation of IQAA agency (Independent Kazakh agency for quality assurance in education), certificate № 0007 from 03.01.2013 for a period of 5 years.


Specialized accreditation of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral PHD educational programs


45 educational programs of the Almaty Technological University passed the specialized accreditation (IQAA (Independent Kazakh agency for quality assurance in education) and Independent agency for accreditation and rating (IAAR).