Educational achievements of students in all types of training assignments and tasks are measured by score-rating alphabetic system of evaluation of knowledge in accordance with state educational standards for monitoring and evaluation of knowledge.


Monitoring the progress of students is conducted on each subject discipline and includes control of knowledge in the classroom and extracurricular classes. Evaluation monitoring (assessment of tolerance rating) consists of monitoring assessments in the classroom and assessment boundary control (extracurricular activity).


When the current control performance academic achievement of students are evaluated on a 100 point scale for each completed task, and the final result of the monitoring of progress fed calculating the arithmetic mean of the sum of all scores obtained during the academic period.


Students, who do not have a positive assessment of the disciplines tolerance rating, are not allowed to the final control (exam).


Knowledge Control System includes ATU rating control (twice a semester) and final control (exams). Rating control on disciplines held on 8 and 15 weeks of the academic period.


In each discipline is determined by the final score, which is the sum of the results of the rating control and examination, while 60% are rating control, 40% - the result of the exam.


Final evaluation of students' knowledge is evaluated according to the alphabetic system of evaluation of educational achievements of students, which corresponds to the digital equivalent of a four point system.


To transfer learning from one year to the University independently establishes the passing score GPA. Passing grade (Grade Point Average) - average assessment of educational achievements of students, student for one academic year in the chosen program (GPA). The minimum passing grade 1 rate 2 rate - 1.67 points.


Average (GPA) is calculated on the basis of each semester, as well as for the entire period of study as a whole. GPA in all disciplines of the course is derived as follows: total score for subjects multiplied by the number of credits the discipline, all the results are added and divided by the number of credits.


The letter grade system of evaluation of educational achievements of students corresponding to the digital equivalent on the four point system

Mark based on letter system Digital equivalent %- Percentage Mark based on traditional system
A 4,0 95-100  Excellent
A- 3,67 90-94
B+ 3,33 85-89  Good

B 3,00 80-84
B- 2,67  75-79
C+ 2,33 70-74 Satisfactory

C 2,0  65-69
C-  1,67 60-64
D+ 1,33 55-59
D 1,0 50-54
F 0 0-49 Unsatisfactory

Thus, GPA stands is calculated on all subjects passed, the result is the basis for the transfer to the next course.


Retaking the exam with a positive evaluation with a view to enhancing the entire period, or for the purpose of obtaining a diploma with distinction is not permitted.


Upon receipt of an unsatisfactory final assessment on discipline, credits for the respective discipline are not counted.


Retake assessment, as well as positive and satisfactory on exams is not allowed.


The student who receives a failing final grade on discipline, must re-take a course in the discipline, gain admission to the exam and pass it during the subsequent academic period or in the summer semester on a paid basis.


If the student scored (including the summer semester) GRA below a set level, it is a re-training course.


Those who do not sign the contract and failed to pay the training course again within one month after the start of the academic year, subject to expulsion.


Students at state educational order, left on the second course, for a further period of study deprived the state educational grant.


Regulations on the monitoring and evaluation of educational achievements of students