Receipt of documents


USEFUL INFORMATION for applicants:

Enrollment of students is carried out: on the budgetary training under certificates of owners of the state grants; on paid training - according to the state certificates according to the gained points by results of the uniform national testing (UNT) and the complex testing (CT).


Necessary DOCUMENTS for participation in complex testing:
• The certificate or the diploma (with the appendix);
• The receipt from National bank on testing payment;
• The medical certificate 086U with a fluorography picture; 063 (copy of a leaf of inoculations);
• The copy of the identity card (with presentation of the original);
• 2 photographs 3х4;
• The statement on the special form.

Term from June 20 to July 9


DOCUMENTS necessary for participation in competition for award of the state educational grant (all documents in the original):
• Certificate;
• The statement on the special form;
• Certificate of UNT or CT;
• The documents granting the right for privileges (in the presence of those);
• The copy of an identification paper (at presentation of the original)

Term from July 23 to July 31


DOCUMENTS necessary for transfer:
1) The copy of the identity card (at presentation of the original) - 3;
2) The copy of RNN (for contractors) - 2;
3) The original of the certificate and the copy - 2;
4) Original of the certificate on a grant and copy-2;
5) Photo 3x4- 6;
6) Honey the reference 086U with a fluorography picture, the reference 063 (a leaf of an inoculation) + on 2 pieces of the copy;
7) The certificate with the appendix in the original and the copy of 2 pieces;
8) The application for transfer in ATU on the special form;

Term: from June 20 to August 25, every day from 8:30 till 18:00