Dean of faculty

Doctor of technical scines

Erenova Bibipatima Ertaevna

E-mail: b.erenova@atu.kz

tel: 8 (727) 396-71-33 int 123






Department of "Engineering and Information Technology" was founded in July 4, 2006.

Strategic direction of the department is the training of high qualified specialists conforming to the requirements of modern economy, science, technology and pedagogy.

The aim of the Department is training of high qualified specialists in programming and information systems, mechanization and automation of production processes for the food processing and agriculture industries of the Republic, the service sector and professional educational activities.

Candidate of technical sciences, Professor Kuzembayev Kanash K. The was first dean of faculty. Later the faculty as managed by the doctors of science, professor Murzabekov Z.N. (2008-2009), Medvedkov E.B. (2009-2010), Abdrakhimov U.T. (2010-2012), Baibolova L.K. (2012-2015).

On 20 May 2015 the faculty is managed by the candidate of technical sciences Admaeva Anna Mikhailovna.


Dean of faculty - candidate of technical sciences (Ph.D.) Admaeva A.M.


The structure of faculty includes three specialized and two general educational chairs:

* Mechanization and automation of production processes ;

* Professional skills training and social science;

* Information Technology ;

* Engineering Graphics and Applied Mechanics;

* Advanced Mathematics and Physics ;

Professional activity of graduates of faculty consists in development and supports of mathematical, information program and technical support, the enterprises of food and light industry, mechanical engineering, transport, telecommunications. Graduates of faculty successfully realize themselves on leading and engineering positions. Talented and gifted graduates are given study opportunity in magistracy and doctoral studies after which successful termination they are involved in scientific and pedagogical activity.


Educational activity

The faculty conducts intensive searches of new effective educational technologies.

At faculty from 2004 academic years in a bachelor degree and in magistracy is successfully entered the credit technology of training. Teachers of faculty participate in development of state standards of specialties and standard programs on disciplines of chairs. The faculty has one of the strongest in university the personnel potential, well equipped educational and scientific laboratory base. The faculty consists of the highly skilled teachers who have received knowledge in prestigious higher education institutions of Russia and Kazakhstan.

The basis of the faculty is made by leading scientists of chairs of faculty: doctors of science, professors Kulazhanov T., Nurakhmetov B., Rskeldiev B., Abdrakhimov U., Medvedkov E., Baybolova L., Masanov Zh., Musabekov O., Zaurbekov N., Abdyldayeb E., Nurzhumayev O., Dzhingilbayev S., Toibayev S., Sinchev B., Sagadiev N., candidates of science, assistant professors Karymsakov K., Kruchenetsky V., Myrzageldiyeva Zh., Tsoi A., Kim E., Korobov K., Zakiryanov A. etc.

Scientists of faculty carry out research work on international and republican programs of fundamental and search applied researches. Results of scientific researchers are introduced on a number of the enterprises of branch: Aksay-nan Joint-stock company, Limited liability company "Dionysus", wine-making plant «Kargalinsky wines», SezamEco Joint-stock company etc.

Faculty members communicate with scientists from foreign universities University van Hall Lowenstein (the Netherlands), Technical University of applied Sciences, Waldau (Germany), University of enforcement technologies, Plovdiv (Bulgaria), the St. Petersburg Academy of refrigeration (Russia), Moscow state University of food industry (Russia), Voronezh state University of engineering and technology (Russia), Department of food Equipment and private industry. M. I. Belyaeva" Kharkov state University of food technology and trade in order to implement joint scientific research and production practice.

Along with traditional forms of education at faculty entered the new interactive methods: presentations, debates, trainings and many other things.

Students undergo practical training at the large enterprises food and processing industry of Almaty, such as Joint-stock company «Altyn-diirmen », "Bakhus", "Aksay-nan", "Rakhat", the Limited liability company "Dionysus", wine-making plant «Kargalinsky wines», oil and fat and barmy plants, beer factories, alcoholic beverage and distilleries, at the enterprises of the meat and dairy industry Joint-stock company "Almaty-et", "Becker", «May Day delicacies», "Fudmaster", "Zhiger", "Relish", tobacco combine of "Philip Morris" and many other.

Undergraduates are involved in scientific researches in the field of new information technologies, mechanization and automation of technological processes.