ATU declares a set of students on day, correspondence and distance learning of the higher education (a bachelor degree,
3 or 4 years of training) on the following specialties (in brackets the tested subject is specified):


5B072700 – "Technology of food products" (chemistry)

5B072800 – "Technology of processing industries" (chemistry)

5B072600 – "Technology and designing of products of light industry" (physics)

5B073300 – "Technology and design of textile materials" (physics)

5B042100 – "Design" (creative examination)

5B072400 – "Technological machines and the equipment" (physics)

5B072100 – "Chemical technology of organic substances" (chemistry)

5B073200 – "Standardization, certification and metrology" (physics)

5B070100 – "Biotechnology" (biology)

5B070200 – "Automation and management" (physics)

5B070300 – "Information systems" (physicist)

5B070400 – "Computer facilities and the software" (physics)

5B060800 – "Ecology" (biology)

5B012000 – "Vocational education" (physics)

5B050600 – "Economy" (geography)

5B050700 – "Management" (geography)

5B050800 – " Accounting and audit" (geography)

5B050900 – "Finance" (geography)

5B051000 – "The public and local administration" (geography)

5B090200 – "Tourism" (geography)

5B090400 – "Welfare service" (geography)

5B091200 – "Restaurant and hotel business" (geography).