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Dean of Food Production Faculty

Professor, Ph.D.,

Baybolova Liazzat Kemerbekovna







Message from the Dean
Dear applicant!

You have faced with serious problem of choosing the future profession. Certainly, it is very important that this profession was like you, and it is equally important that it is useful and relevant in our region and in the country. Currently developing economy of Kazakhstan requires practical profession experts, people with deep knowledge of the laws of nature, engineering and technology. All this professions can be obtained at our department, which was formed in 1967 and is one of the first departments of the university.

Kazakhstan - an agrarian-industrial country, and this means that along with the development of agricultural production have been developing and food processing plants, for which we are preparing specialists.

A very important part of the economy is the chemical industry. It includes organic and petrochemical enterprise of polymers manufacturing.

Highly qualified personnel for these enterprises prepare our faculty.

Originality consists of educational programs that take into account needs of the labor market in the acquisition of professional competencies of students.

Graduates of the faculty are ready for professional activity in the food and processing enterprises and focus on grain processing, bakery, pasta, confectionery, dairy, meat, fish industry, working on alcohol, distillery, wineries, breweries, factories for the production of soft drinks and wholesale products, design organizations, research and testing centers and laboratories, certification services and identification of raw materials and finished products, trade and tax inspections and other regulatory bodies for the production and circulation of food products, as well as petrochemical plants.

Bachelors can continue their education in master and doctoral studies.

The state needs young, energetic professionals, technologists, having a good engineering training, knowledge of foreign languages, has a modern outlook.

Applicant! You have a great chance to get really useful and interesting profession!
How to enter the food production department?
First year applicants, should pass the Unified National Test , choosing major subject chemistry, physics or biology. Details can be found on the website www.atu.kz

Good luck
Dihanbayeva Fatima, Dean of Food Production Faculty

Food Production Faculty is implemented a three-tier training: bachelors, masters, PhD doctor and perform basic and applied research.

Improving the training quality, science and education integration are a priority for the of Food Production Faculty.

International Accreditation Agency ASIIN (Germany) has been assigned the sign "Euro Bachelor of Engineering" educational programs 5B072700 " Food products technology" and 5B072800 "Technology of processing industries".

Educational programs of the Faculty successfully accredited by the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education (IQAA), which confirms the maintenance of high standards of professional (2014).

The National ranking educational programs of Kazakhstan universities the faculty specialty annually occupies a leading position.

According to an Independent Agency for Accreditation and Rating (IAAR) (the newspaper "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda" from 07.22.2014) faculty specialty also occupies a leading position in the ranking of the Republic of Kazakhstan higher education institutions in the fields and the training level:
Bachelor`s programme:
5В072700 - "Food products technology - 1st place
5В072800 - "Technology of processing industries" - 1st place
5В070100 - Biotechnology "- 1st place
5В073200- "Standardization, Metrology and Certification" - 2nd place
5В060800 -"Ecology" - 3rd place
Master`s programme
6М072700 -"Food products technology - 1st place
6М072800 -"Technology of processing industries" - 1st place
6М072100 -"Chemical technology of organic substances" - 3rd place
6М070100 -Biotechnology "- 2nd place

Ranking was carried out on four indicators, the share of each was 25%: "The qualitative composition of students, teachers and researchers", "Academic Mobility", "The demand for graduates" and "Competitiveness of scientific publications teachers, masters and doctoral specialties."

The faculty has modern material and technical base, providing educational process in an ever-increasing number of students and changing the methods and technologies of the learning process.

The faculty structure includes:
- Department of «Technology of bakeries and processing industries";
- Department of " food products technology ";
- Department of " Food safety and quality ";
- Department of "Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Ecology";
- Department "Food Biotechnology";
- Academic bread center;
- Academic center for meat processing;
- Training Restaurant.

Faculty teaching staff - are professionals, the country`s leading scientists in the field of technology and food processing industries, chemical engineering, food safety.

Faculty scientists are developers of state standards of higher education specialties 5B072700 - Food products technology, 5B072800 - technology of processing industries bachelor, master and doctoral programs.

Owners of State grant of Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The best teacher of the university" are professors Iztaev A.I., Hozhamuratova S.S., Alimardanova M.K., Kizatova M.J., Tausarova B.R., Kurmanaliev M.K., Myrzalieva S.K., Lesova J.T., Almabekov O.A., Omarkulov T.O., Iskakova G.K., Uazhanova R.O., Zhienbayeva S.T., Dihanbayeva F.T., Suleimenova M.Sh., Kozybaev A.K.

For achievements in teaching methods and research activities of the Food production faculty is the winner in the category "The best Faculty of ATU" since 2007 (2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009-2010, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, 2013- 2014 academic years).
Faculty honors

There is information about our faculty graduates, who works in their chosen profession. They are our pride, our employees and partners and, of course, our friends.

Professional graduates environment of food production faculty." has started. Thanks to everyone who responded and sent us information about themselves, about their professional and personal interests.

Kulazhanov Talgat Kuralbekovich -Doctor, Professor, Rector of Almaty Technological University;

Samakova Aitkul Baygazievna - Advisor to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chairman of the National Commission on Family Affairs and

Gender Policy under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Omarov Tolymbek Esenzholovich - Secretary general of the Ministry of Agriculture;

Usembayeva Zhibek Kalievna - Chief Inspector of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

Ostrikov Alexander Ivanovich - President of JSC "Tsesna Astyk"

Mnatsakanyan Rudik Gaykovich - Director General of the joint venture "Ararat"

Mansvetashvili V.-president of the brewing company in Spain;

Agibaev Medelbek Kemelbekovich - director of "Tsesna Mak"LTD

Ahmarov Abubakar - Director General of RSE "KazAlkoCentr";

Kapparov Nurlan Zhambulovich - Chairman of the court of directors of JSC "KazInvestBank"

Kosenko G. - member of the International Guild of professionals in quality, lead auditor MDET, ASQ, IRGA;

Karpyuk Viktor Ivanovich - Head of the mill complex,

Baibolova Lyazzat Kemerbekovna - doctor of technical sciences, professor, dean of the faculty "Engineering and Information Technology" ATU;

Izembaeyva Asel Kamalseitovna - Ph.D., Deputy Dean of the Faculty of "Food production"

Zaritskaya Nadezhda Evgenevna. - Ph.D., Associate Professor of "Food Technology"

Kenenbay Shynar Yrymkyzy - Ph.D., Associate Professor of "Food Technology"

Kuzembaeyva Gauhar Kanashevna - Ph.D., Associate Professor of "Food Technology"

Matibaeva Aynur Ibraevna - Ph.D., Associate Professor of "Food Technology"

Baysbaeva Meruert Pernebaevna - Ph.D., Associate Professor of "Technology of bakeries and processing industries"


Educational programs

Food Production Faculty is a division of Almaty Technological University to prepare highly qualified specialists in the following educational programs:

Bachalor programme
• 5B072700 - " Food products technology
- Technology of meat and fish products
- Technology of milk and dairy products
- Technology products catering and special purpose
- Technology and canned food concentrates
• 5B072800 - "Technology of processing industries"
-technology processing, storage and processing of vegetable raw materials
- Technology of bread, pasta and confectionery;
- Fermentation technology and winemaking
• 5B073200 - "Standardization, Metrology and Certification"
• 5B070100 - "Biotechnology"
• 5B060800 - "Ecology"
• 5B072100 - "Chemical technology of organic substances"
- chemical technology of organic and petrochemical production
- chemical production technology and polymer processing

• 6M072700 - " Food products technology "
• 6M072800 - "Technology of processing industries"
• 6M073200 - "Standardization and Certification"
• 6M073500 - "Food Safety"
• 6M075000 - "Metrology"
• 6M070100 - "Biotechnology"
• 6M072100 - "Chemical technology of organic substances"

• 6D072700 - « Food products technology "
• 6D072800 - «Technology of processing industries"
• 6D073500 - «Food Security"
• 6D070100 - «Biotechnology»

International cooperation

With effect from ATU in 2010 in the Great Charter of Universities and the signing of the Bologna Declaration, adopted in 1999, 29 ministers of European states in the Faculty of booming international cooperation.

At the Faculty established links with foreign universities, research centers, where students and research teaching fellow have the opportunity to be trained, training, practice in different countries within the framework of academic mobility.

Faculty academic mobility of academic staff and ATU students realized through participation in cooperation programs with ATU partner universities, international scholarship programs Erasmus +, Groupe ESA, IAESTE and others.

External (international) academic mobility - teaching students or faculty and staff work in foreign educational or research institutions.

Foreign partner universities in the framework of international mobility: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, Russia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine. - are evidence of promotion of the University set out to win the leadership position in the scientific world community

Partner universities within the national mobility:
• West Kazakhstan Agrarian Technical University named after Zhangir Khan, Uralsk
• Kazakh University of Technology and Business, Astana
• South-Kazakhstan State University named after M.Auezov, Shymkent
• Pavlodar State University named after Toraigyrov, Pavlodar
• State University named after Shakarim, Semey

Professional practice of students is the most important part of the training of highly qualified specialists, conducted in organizations with further employment:

JSC "Bacchus", wineries LLP "Dionysus Winery", "Kargalinsky wine", "Ararat" Talgarsky Distillery, JSC "Almaty brewery №1», JSC "Rakhat", milk factory "FoodMaster", JSC "Adal", JSC "Maslodel " JSC " Agroproduct ", JSC " Southern "restaurant chain LLP" Dastarkhan ", JSC" Almaty-meat, "" Becker "," PERVOMAJSKIE DELIKATESY ", JSC Corporation" Altyn - Diermen "," Ak Bidai " baked goods factory "Aksai", "Almaty-nan", confectionery factory "Rahat", "Konfetki-baranochki", Centers of Standardization and Certification, brewery "Derbes", "Efes", "Pepsi-Cola", "Napitki" canning plant "Uzhnyi" the company" Philip Morris "and others. Business executives involved in the final certification of graduates, lectures, are the leaders of dissertations.


Scientific activity

Food Production Faculty spends a large amount of scientific research. In studies are actively involved students, masters, doctoral students and researchers of the Faculty. Participation in research helps to reduce deeply the basic discipline specialty, research areas and better represent its prospects.

The main priority research areas of the faculty are:

Advanced innovative technologies of processing, storage and processing of grain-based ionic, ozonic- cavitational technology

Creating a range of bakery and macaroni production of therapeutic and prophylactic purpose

Biotechnology resource meat and dairy products functionality

Bioconversion of agricultural raw materials, processing and recycling of agricultural enterprises in the food and feed products

Creating a waste-free environmentally "cold" food technology of new generation

Environmentally safe and cost-effective wastewater treatment technology of food and light industry of organic pollutants and nutrients

Laser activation processes in the food and light industry

Scientific achievements of faculty recognized by the international scientific community and awards at international competitions, forums and exhibitions, such as:
- International Forum "Meat Industry" (Moscow, 2008 - 2014.);
- Russian Agricultural Exhibition "Golden Autumn" (2009-2014);
- International Forum "Youth in Science";
- Fair achievements of agriculture of Kazakhstan " Қараөткел жәрмеңкесі " (2010-2013 );
- XVI Exhibition of Food «Kazakhstan Food Market-2014" (2014).

Scientific achievements of young scientists of the Faculty marked by the following awards:
- Prizes Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- The diplomas of the International Competition in the category "Best Technology" Best Technological card "," Best Presentation of merchandising for 2014 "(Kazan);
- XVI International exhibition medals CAPQ "The potential for effective cooperation" (Almaty);
- Medals festival "Altyn Dastarhan- 2014";
- Akim of Almaty grant for scientific work "Technology waste water treatment food industry using natural absorbent."

From the first days of study in university students dipped into the fascinating and exciting world of social life, with the assistance of the Youth Council operated clubs, where students can express and develop their talents:
- Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted;
- dance ensemble "Karlygash";
- Vocal Studio;
- dombra orchestra "Dombyra-Dastan";
- Debate Club "Zhastar".

We occupy a leading place in various competitions.