Almaty Technological University (ATU) is one of the leading higher educational institutions of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. It has been preparing highly qualified specialists and scientific personnel for food processing, textile and light industry, service industry and hospitality for 58 years. ATU has been in the education market since 1957, and in recent years it has been consistently implementing the principles of the Bologna Declaration and working on a global multi-level model of higher education "Bachelor-Master-Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)", actively integrating into the global educational space and becoming more and more recognizable in the world.


Activities of ATU are gaining recognition of world educational community. So, since 2005 quality management system (QMS) has been functioning in ATU which is certified for compliance of the international standards ISO 9001 - 2008. The effectiveness of the quality management system ATU is confirmed by independent audit, conducted by the Certification Association "Russian Register" - a member of the International Certification Network IQNet. The university was awarded the international prize in the nomination "EUROPEAN QUALITY" (European quality) and the Gold Medal of the International Fund for Excellence in Business Practice (Switzerland) and the Association of Industrial Promotion (France). In 2010, ATU signed the Great Charter of Universities (Magna Charta Universitatum). University was entrusted with a coordinating program of the European Union in the Republic of the FP-7 in the direction of "Food and Biotechnology". ATU is a member of the International Association of Universities; International Association for the exchange of students; Club of the Rectors of universities in Europe; International Bibliography community; Eurasian Union of Universities; Consortium EdNet.


Activities of Almaty Technological University are highly appreciated by various international and national bodies.




In the National rating of the best universities of Kazakhstan-2015 and the rating of educational programs according to the Independent agency for accreditation and rating ATU took the 10th place among 130 high schools, and basic profile of specialty food and light industry annually takes first place in the ranking of educational programs of universities of Kazakhstan;
- ATU institutionally accredited by the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in education (Kazakhstan), which is a member of the International Network for Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education (INQAAHE);
- Specialized educational programs of the University have received certificates of quality recognition from the Agency for accreditation of educational programs in engineering, informatics, natural sciences and mathematics - ASIIN (Germany). The Agency was given the honorary sign "Evroinzhener - EUR-ACE" four undergraduate educational programs of ATU. The project "European Accredited Engineer» (European Accredited Engineer - EUR-ACE) has been implemented in Europe since September 2004 within the framework of the Bologna process, under the auspices of the European Union and aims to create a Europe-wide system of quality assurance of engineering education;
- Other undergraduate specialty, as well as all the specialty master and doctoral accredited by independent rating organizations – the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in education and the Independent agency for accreditation and rating. Thus, as of 2015 all 52 educational programs ATU received specialized accreditation;
- In the international ranking of universities of the CIS and Baltic countries compiled by a consulting company Quacquarelli Symonds (England) and Information Services Group "Interfax" (Russia) ATU included in the rating of TOP - 91+ and ranks 7th among the universities of Kazakhstan;
- The national business rating companies ATU is on the 2nd place among the universities of Kazakhstan in the category "liquidity ratio".
- The list of educational programs of universities of Kazakhstan-2015, ATU specialties occupy:



1st place: 5V072700 - Technology of food products;

1st place: 5V072800 - Technology of processing industries;

1st place: 5V072600 - Technology and design of light industry products;

1st place: 5V091200 - Restaurant and hotel business;

1st place: 5V072400 - Technological machinery and equipment.

2nd place: 5V060800 - Ecology;

2nd place: 5V072100 - Chemical technology of organic substances.

3rd place: 5V070100 - Biotechnology;

3rd place: 5V073200 - Standardization, metrology and certification;

3rd place: 5V042100 - Design;

3rd place: 5V070400 - Computers and software;

3rd place: 5V090200 - Tourism;

3rd place: 5V012000 - Vocational training.


Specialties Master:

1st place: 6M072700 - Technology of food products;

1st place: 6M072800 - Technology of processing industries.

3rd place: 6M070100 - Biotechnology;


In 2014-15 the program of double-diploma education in the specialties: "Tourism", "Restaurant business and hotel business" opened jointly with the International Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (HTMi, Switzerland). The program is designed to provide high Swiss standards of training by attracting highly qualified teachers of high school Swiss partner with instruction in English.
Today Almaty Technological University has a solid material and technical base and fully equipped laboratories with modern devices, equipment and furniture. Teachers, researchers and university students work and study in three educational and laboratory buildings. There are also indoor sports facilities, and several summer games sports grounds, large and small assembly halls. In 2012 a modern power plant put into operation, so that the students of specialty food areas were able to pass the Professional Practice of on the job learning process. The total area of all buildings with five student dormitories with 2245 beds is more than 70 000sq.m.


Scientific and educational infrastructure of the university consists of 3 scientific research institutes working on the basis of several research problem laboratories, five faculties and 18 departments of the university and also the Centre for Research and Innovation Development (REDIC) through the international project TEMPUS-1 -2008; two engineering centers to develop scientific innovation and safety products and products textile and light industry; Commercialization offices of the National Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies of the Republic of Kazakhstan; Educational and Scientific Center of bread; Teaching and Research Center for the processing of meat; Kazakhstan-Korea research and education center; Accredited testing laboratory for masters and doctoral research.


The main property of ATU is more than 50 000 of trained senior and mid-level scientific and pedagogical personnel, which today give their knowledge and power obtained in the Alma Mater, the development of economy, culture, science and education of Kazakhstan and many foreign countries. More than 700 employees, including 19 members of the International and National Academy of Sciences, 60 doctors and professors, 167 associate professors and doctors PhD guide the training of the teaching staff at ATB. 56% teachers of ATU have academic degree , more than 60 of them are holders of state scholarships and grants. ATU employs about 60% of Kazakh doctors and 40% of PhDs in the field of food and light industry, which emphasizes the strong potential of the University and a leading position among the two dozen universities of the country, training staff on the same core function.
The level of the teaching staff of the University allows to participate in the implementation of the state scientific and technical programs, international scientific and educational projects and grants. International conferences with foreign colleagues are held at University every year. Joint scientific and educational projects with universities, partners from foreign countries are carried out in the framework of 86 agreements on cooperation. The project "Double diploma" within the framework of a large-scale mobility programs with universities-partners from the European Union and other regions of the world is actively implemented by our University.


Implementation of the concept of ATB as an innovative university began in 2011; in the field of innovation includes all the basic structural units of the University to involve research and teaching staff actively in the process of interaction with the market to make effective decisions both in the development of the university as a whole, and to ensure the financial well-being of the workers themselves. Special problem laboratories of the department and the university become centers of innovation in the core industries of the country and to improve the educational process. They systematically and purposefully strengthen ties with the production and applied science.


University successfully implements the budget program of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan "The invitation of foreign scientists to the universities of the Republic" to conduct lectures and give scientific advice. Experienced professors from the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Slovenia, the Republic of Korea, China, Russia and other CIS countries come for temporary scientific and educational work in ATU every year through this program.


The priority areas of the strategic plan for development of Almaty Technological University in the near future found the following goals and objectives:
-achieving a high level of scientific research and innovative approach to all activities leading to the sustainable development of the university;
-integrated development of material and technical, scientific and educational infrastructure in the process of innovative activity of the university;
-improving the competitiveness of the university in the education market and the graduates on the market of high-tech work;
-improving internal controls to ensure the adaptation of the university to the changing external conditions;
-it is development of effective into the university system organization and management by quality of preparation of specialists;
-it is creation of modern infomedia and complex development of informatively-communication technologies.
Forming on the base of the Аlmaty technological university of the integrated complex of scientific and productive infrastructure will allow to realize the modern model of research university of enterprise type and on this basis to activate a height and strengthening of scientific schools, promote the level of competence of students due to their participating in scientific research work, to experienced construction activity and work on introduction of the worked out innovations in the sectors of the real economy.


Vector of development АТU the last years directed to on providing continuity of innovative cycle "education is research - innovative development is practical application", and also on strengthening of skilled potential creatively intellectual workers apt at development and realization of innovative projects. For a modern university not so much development of innovations is important, how many their introduction with the receipt of positive effect. Scientifically-pedagogical collective АТU adheres to exactly this strategy in the innovative scientifically-educational activity.


Continuing traditions of the classical learning, an university successfully combines the process of educating with education of harmonious personality, having active civil position, high level of cultural tolerance, wide erudition. Extending possibilities of personality development, an university sends out of study activity of students to forming of healthy way of life, realization of creative potential, study of world and national cultures. The youth politics realized in an university assists the increase of level of public activity of students within the framework of operating organs of self-government : Student advice, Committees in matters of young people, Student ombudsman, Alliance of students of Kazakhstan, Release of university newspaper "Technologist" and youth clubs on interests.


Today the Аlmaty technological university has clear strategic vision is the general course of moving toward the Research university through organization of deserving scientific education, close integration with scientific centers and productive enterprises, encouragement of development of High-Теch and innovations, all-round international cooperation. Aspiring of university to the achievement of the put aims is supported by the active collaboration of collective АТU with professors and scientists from universities and scientific centers of foreign countries, by the increase of academic mobility and participating in financed by the state and different international funds research and educational programs and projects.