Faculty of distance learning





dean of faculty

Medvedkov Evgeniy

doctor of technical science, professor

E-mail: e.medvedkov@atu.kz

tel: 8 (727) 293-52-88 int 121




The faculty of distance learning of Almaty technological university is created for the purpose of the organization of preparation of specialists with the use of distance educational technologies, creations of university standard base of distance learning, its study-methodical, personnel and financially - technical maintenance.

The mission of faculty is that in maintenance of a high professional educational level and formation of civil and moral qualities of the personality in the conditions of integration into world educational, scientific and information community on the basis of the effective organization and quality educational and research processes in the field of food and light industry, information technology, management, service and tourism, labor market maintenance with competitive specialists.

The faculty purpose is formation, development and realization of principles of distance technologies of the learning providing rational transfer of knowledge, skills, conducting educational, study-methodical and practical activities on creation, development and introduction of effective professional educational programs and technologies with use of distance educational technologies, active formation of technical base of educational process on the basis of means of computer, audio - of video equipment, the Internet and other means of multimedia and telecommunications.



Republic of Kazakhstan, 050008 city Almaty,
str. Furkata 384/4, Almaty Technological University,
corps 3B, room. 222,224,226.
Dean of FDL: (8-727) 396-71-33 (internal 121)
Dean`s office: (8-727) 396-71-33 (internal 126)
Deputy dean of FDL: (8-727) 396-71-33 (internal 127)
E-mail: atukz@mail.ru
How to find us? District bus station Sayran, bus. 94,37,106,85,16.
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The history of faculty

The faculty has the long background which has began since May, 1957 when Almaty branch of All-Union correspondence institute of the food-processing industry hasd been opened. With formation of Almaty technological university the correspondence course faculty has been organized. In 2007 faculty was reorganized in Institute of correspondence and distance learning (ICDL). In October, 2010 the Institute of correspondence and distance learning due to the termination of preparation of specialists in correspondence form of studying and transition to distance technology is transformed into faculty of distance learning. For the last years heads of the faculty, leading teachers and scientists of university contributed efforts for formation and development of correspondence and distance education.

Distance technologies of learning represent set of technologies of getting of the education, based on a principle of mainly independent studying by the student of subjects, on the basis of an effective utilization of the newest information-communication technologies and has a number of advantegous features:

Opportunity of obtaining of higher education with the minimum breakway from a residence and work
Considerable reduction of audit lessons
Opportunity of use for an exchange of the educational information from a network the Internet and (or) e-mail (obraining of an study-methodical material, consultations, testing etc.)
Modular system of studying of disciplines with intermediate control testing after completion of studying of each module
Absence of necessity of obligatory presence at university in terms rigidly established by the schedule
Maintenance of students with complete sets of study-methodical materials on studied disciplines in e-form
Flexible system of payment of studying.
Educational activity

The faculty is equipped by the modern equipment, allowing to carry out preparation of experts with use of the newest information technology. The quantity of students is more than 3,5 thousand studying on 24 specialities of a technological, engineering and economic profiles of the food, easy, processing and chemical industry. Long-term experience of university and its strong links is put in a basis of study-methodical work with leading educational institutions not only in our republic, but also in other countries that guarantees to students high quality of educational services. Modern forms and methods of studying of students are developing.

Since 2003-2004 study years the preparation of students under the program of a bachelor degree with a five years` cycle of studying is conducted. The given system allows providing owing to the flexibility fast adaptation to changing social and economic conditions, change of a paradigm of formation towards fundamental nature, integrity and the account of interests of the personality. The big opportunities for integration with averages general educational and average professional educational institutions are opened.

Since 2005-2006 preparation of correspondent students on credit technology of studying is conducted.

Currently the reduced educational programs are widely applied. On the biennial reduced educational programsstudying for obtaining of the second speciality on the basis of higher education is carried out, and on three-year - on the basis of average special vocational training on are related to specialities. Since 2006 considerable growth of a contingent of students trained on the reduced programs is observed, by 2010 the number of such students has exceeded 65 % and the further growth is predicted. It is a positive tendency as students have good preparation and it is realized work over on increasing of the qualification.

Distance learning uses modern information technology, means, methods and ways of training, interaction of the teacher and the student with the minimum standard-established quantity of obligatory lessons. Thus, on technology of pedagogical dialogue distance learning coincides with technologies of correspondence mode of study, and on a saturation and intensity of educational process - with technologies of a full-time course of study. For realization of educational activity, network and cases-technologies are used. At the first stage of distance learning the case-technology, providing formation of a set of study-methodical materials (course cases) is offered to students which give the opportunity to carry out vocational training on the chosen speciality. The network technology allows to receive all necessary materials through the Internet. At university the automated control systems of training "Prometheus" and "Tamos" are used. In 2010 new control systems of training «e-Learning» is applied, having a number of advantages which includes all necessary study-methodical materials, there is an opportunity of use of video lectures, virtual laboratory works and dialogues between the teacher and the student in on-line form.

Distance learning allows students to combine successfully work on the selected speciality with study, independently earning for this means, provides faster career growth. Alumuns of faculty work at many enterprises of light and the food-processing industry of all patterns of ownership, in small and average business, and also in service sphere.

The faculty has the following BA specialties:

5В072700 - «Technology of food products»;

5В072800 - «Technology of processing production»;

5В073200 - «Standartization, metrology and certification»;

5В070100 - «Biotechnology»;

5В060800 - «Ecology»;

5В072100 - «Chemical technology of organic compounds»;

5В072600 - Technology and construction of light industry;

5В073300 - Technology and designing of textile materials;

5В042100 - Design;

5В070200 - Automatization and control;

5В070300 - Information systems (on branches and scopes);

5В060200 - Computer science;

5В070400 – Computing systems and software;

5В072400 - Technological machine and equipment;

5В012000 - Professional training;

5В050600 – Economics;

5В050800 - Audit and Accounting;

5В050900 – Finance;

5В050700 – Management;

5В051100 – Marketing;

5В051000 - State and Local Management;

5В090200 - Tourism;

5В090400 - Social and Cultural service;

5В091200 - Restaurant Management and Hotel Business.